Friday, March 30, 2012

12 days in

     Today was the last day of week 1 of the Hip Hop Abs program (the 23 minute Ab Sculpt.)  It's going ok.  While I love the Cardio video itself, so far I'm not a big fan of the other videos.  They are more like other ways to do cardio then they are a well rounded work out.  What I am really interested in is more jogging time and strength/resistance training.  I have been on the look out at my local Salvation Army & Good Will for weights or bands but haven't found anything yet.  Let me know if you see anything or if you are looking to rid yourself of your old weights.  Seriously, I will take 2lb weights off your hands or bands or a balance ball.  

     Tomorrow is my off day but I think I may jog, start up again with Couch to 5 K.  Sunday I weigh in again and I really don't know how that is going to go.  I still feel like my intake on food is off.  I did get a copy of Living Vegetarian for Dummies but haven't read it yet.  Also PAX is still a few days off so I am open for any other travel food tips anyone might have.  Other than that happy weekend! 


Thursday, March 29, 2012

new pages

     This morning I worked out early which was nice.  I like how it really gets me started.  It's the 5th day in a row for Hip Hop Abs, tomorrow is the 6th and last for the first week.  Not too shabby.  Oh!  If you haven't seen it yet, check out the other "pages" that I have added to my blog.  There are links across the top to my workout record and body stats.  I LOVE spreadsheets.  I thoroughly enjoy data.  I like ease when referencing things and what better way then this?  This way there is a a real record of my progress, that I can really dig.

     Today was a much better day compared to yesterday.  I got up and out of the house which was great.  I went and donated platelets today which was amazing, I haven't been in what feels like a whole year.  With all things wedding planning last year I dropped off a bunch of those things that I love just 'cuz.  I walked around and went "shopping" in a few of my favorite places.  I didn't get anything but it was retail therapy none the less.  

     Tomorrow I am going to check out an acupuncture place near me that just opened up, they work on a sliding scale!!  I have wanted to try acupuncture for a while and then after my 3 months spent with a chiropractor, he recommended I see an acupuncturist to really round out my treatment, I'm excited to finally get that opportunity. 

     On a totally unrelated to anything note, I have had the hiccups on and off all day.  :) I crack myself up!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


     Today was a dreary in my head kind of a day.  For those that don't know, I am currently unemployed.  I do work for a temp agency that is pretty killer but I haven't worked all week and last week I worked just shy of part time.  Save for the obvious benefits of being employed, such as making wage, it keeps me out of my own head.  It is a stupid, dark and dangerous place in there.  While I know full well that all that mess floating back and forth in there isn't anything other than an idol mind, it can just really blow especially since I've been home alone every day so far this week.  

    Why do I mention this in my weight loss blog?  It really affected my workout today.  When I first started working out this afternoon I burst into tears about 6 minutes in.  Awful thoughts about my weight, life and marriage just popped into my head and jumped around between my ears until I couldn't take it anymore.  I quickly changed and left the house to clear my head, running a quick errand at Walgreens was the best I could do.  When I got back I didn't work out.  I texted my husband and sat on my bum for a while.  I felt better when I started to make dinner, I love to cook.  

     I talked a few things out with my husband over dinner and started to feel a bit better and he encouraged me to do my work out.  I did it, but boy did I phone it in.  I learned a while ago that the judgement on what's happened doesn't matter but rather the act itself.  I said I was going to work out and I did, end of story.  

     I am still in the middle of my special lady time happy week so there is also a good chance that all those hormones are at play.  Huzzah for being a woman ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


In about 9 days my husband and I are setting off on yet another one of our adventures. This time we are headed to Boston for PAX, a gaming convention. PAX is three full days of playing games, learning games, talking about games and the gaming culture. It was some of the most fun I ever had in 3 days last year. My concern though is about food. Last year I didn't care much about my food. I ate as healthy was possible with out really trying. You know? This year I am way more conscience about food and was wondering of anyone out there has some easy ideas. We are in a hotel this year (last year we stayed in a hostel) so the quality of the room will be higher but I'm not sure if there is a mini fridge. I know there is a fitness center which is great, I will be on my feet just about the whole time I am there but getting a half hour walk/jog will ensure I feel accomplished.

Back to the food situation. I don't mind carrying a few things but I don't want to have like a huge thing of food that I have to take on the 4 hour bus ride. I thinking some Atkins Shakes & bars since they are filling and seriously curb hunger when you have them together. There is a "food court" there but they don't have too much to pick from (I have to say though that I was impressed with the vegetarian options that were available.)

What do you think? Any tips, tricks, or creative ideas? I may compile all the info I collect and post it because I can only imagine that we all run into this quite often. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :)

My work out today was day 3 of Hip Hop Abs. The Ab Sculpt vid. Wow. Um. It's 23 minutes long and kicked my ass (and my abs and my legs and my arms.) While is under the 30minutes I want to do a day, I promise it backs just as much punch. I considered doing the 5 minute Last Minute Abs but there is a good chance I would have just stood there and watched the video I was so achy already, lol.

This entry was typed in the Blogger app on my iPhone. It doesn't have as many options as the full site but you can't beat typing a post while riding the subway. When I get home today I'll add labels and stuff. Ooooh! Did you see the LilySlim ticker I added? Love.

Monday, March 26, 2012

8 days bloggin

     Woooo!  Knocked out 30 minutes of Hip Hop Abs Cardio & did the 5 minute Last Minute Abs.  Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since I started working out and I can't even believe what I am capable of already.  I have been working out around 4 days a week and have already dropped some pounds.  

     I want to challenge my self to do the whole 4 week program of Hip Hop Abs.  I am technically on day 2 of the program already since I did Cardio 2 days in a row.  Seems like a good place to start.  That's really all for now, I am going to post a little more later but wanted to make sure I logged the workout . :)

Let's weigh in.

     I didn't get this post in before midnight, but it's all good.  I haven't gone to bed yet so it is still today so far as I can see it.

     Today I got in my 30 minute Cardio video after my husband and I came home from the movies (The Hunger Games) and it felt so good to get back to it.  I am sore but in a way I love.  

     So I had a weigh in today.  When I originally weighed in it was on the scale of a close friend that is also working out so I trusted the number that I got was accurate.  I myself do not own a scale (well, until tonight) because I have always been so scared to see what they say or that I would become addicted to it and, well, yea.  But today we decided that if I really want to track how I am doing a scale should be acquired and acquired it was.  First I tested it.  I gathered bags of dry beans that combined weighed 5 lbs.  and dropped those bad boys on the scale - it read 5 lbs. on the dot.  OK, my turn.  Can I tell you I got on and off the scale at least 6 times and called friend who's scale I originally weighed in on to check ITS accuracy because this number could in NO WAY be correct, it was too far.  She assured me that her scale was in fact accurate and that the weight was probably water, a super huge accomplishment and to not freak if I don't loose this much again or even put one or two of these pounds back on.  That is so ok by me.  At my weigh in I was down to 195.6 lbs.  That is a loss of 8.7 lbs.(was originally 204.3)  STFU. I about cried.  Like I so totally get that this will not be the norm, but hell, it is a great place to start.  I feel like I am so much closer now to my goal by being just past that 200 mark.  

     It is also time I said out loud (to the internet) my full weight loss goal.  My goal weight is 130 which is a total of 74 pounds down from my original weight.  I'm gonna get one of those tracker things I have seen on other blogs.  I also created a spreadsheet to track my weight.  

     Something else I want to mention because I am sure that in the big picture it matters, yesterday began my lady time of the month happiness time. Yippee.   Ya know?  I figured that was worth recording.  Let's see if all this exercise will put a dent in the lovely cramps that I enjoy sporadically thought this week.  I really hope it does.  

     Bed awaits me.  Yayy!!  xoxo

Saturday, March 24, 2012


     Today my dad is in visiting!  Yay!!  My dad lives in PA and comes to visit me about once every three months or so which is really nice.  Him and I are really close so it means a lot to me when he comes to visit and I don't like when things interrupt these trips.  I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to deal with balancing a visit and working out.  Turns out I didn't really need too!  Today my dad, my husband and I walked all around Brooklyn and Manhattan and after doing some quick Google Maps math it all added up  to around 4 miles.  Good deal.  I know it is NOT the same as jogging or doing cardio for a half and hour but it IS not sitting on my bum and doing nothing all day.  

     I also broke the prediabetes news to my dad today and that was hard.  We were talking about health and all and I was giving hime more details about my doc visit and not only did I tell him about the prediabetes I told him how much I weigh.  Last time he was weighed he was at 215.  I only way 11 lbs. less than my dad who is close to a foot taller than I am.  ::blugh::  That seemed to really hit my dad.  Then he did something that I fear that people do to me all the time.  He looked at my stomach.  At least 4 times in the rest of that part of our conversation.   He did it quickly, the way you do when you hope that someone won't notice.  I almost burst into tears right there on the subway platform.  In that moment I felt huge...  Not only that I feel like I was actually telling someone that I was fat and then the noticed, like I had wrecked that.  I don't really know how to explain it but it was heart breaking.  My dad also told me he didn't think I should or was cut out to run.  Not in like a mean I think your fat way but in a I don't think it's for everyone way.  I tried to explain that I am really falling in love with it and the way I feel but that was hard to convey since I have been limping on and off again with my left foot.  I don't know what I did but I can tell you it hurts like a mofo. sometimes.  

     Tomorrow I will be either doing Couch to 5k or my cardio depending on how late it is when my father takes off tomorrow.  I'm not a fan of jogging around here in the dark since there are a lot of streets I need to cross.  


     Eating.  Eating is awesome, eating is comforting, eating is nourishing and addicting and painful and complicated and easy and I have absolutely no idea how to do it.  There are so many schools of thought and learning them all enough to pick what works for me is overwhelming.  I don't get the do's & don't's and serving sizes and carbs v. points v. calories v. atkins and ...  It's a ton of information and I don't know how to take it all in to process - this is what will work for me to loose this damn weight.  /ramble&rant.

     I am also thinking I need to stop writing right before bed everything seems to come out much more like vomit when I'm tired.  

Good night loves. 

13 minutes & pizza

     Today was a bit of a back track day for me.  I kinda binged at lunch because I let myself get too hungry and I didn't charge my phone at work so by the time I got home it was too dead to run with.  I then took a very long time to decide if I had time to do my video (Hip Hop Abs Cardio) before our guest came over. By the time I got around to it I got in 13 minutes before the boys came over.  THEN there was pizza.  I had 2 slices a mini veggie stromboli.  Did I mention that I cried about not finishing my work out and actually ate a piece of chocolate?  Who the hell am I?  I haven't been hit by hormones and bad planning like this in a long time.  Not to mention that this post is hella late.  


ok.  Tomorrow, I'm going to start fresh.  30 minutes of either Couch to 5 K or Cardio vid.  Conscience eating. Blogging before midnight.  Yikes.  Wow. 


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where'd these 85 calories come from? ::shrugs::

     With my day off from working out today I really didn’t know what I was going to write about.  I was achy and cranky when I got up today but that isn’t anything new.  After tooling around on the internetz at work for my own personal gain my topic came to me. 
     So I went to the Starbucks website to check on the nutritional info of my fave drink – Grande Iced Coffee, black.  So I am scrolling through expecting to see that it has a few, I mean it isn’t water.  What did I find but that it is 90 calories for one serving (which in this case, thank you, is actually the size of what I’m consuming) 16 ounces.  Oh.  Ok.  As I continued to read I saw that a Grande Pike Place, black was 5 calories for 16 ounces.  I’m sorry?  Where the f*ck did those other 85 calories come from??  I turned to Google.  Turns out that Iced Coffees come with “Classic” syrup and that is where the calories come from, it is a liquid sweetener.  As I read though the forum posts and all the nasty things that people had to say about Starbucks just doing this to them, it was easy to also get up in arms but then I took a step back.  This all took me less than 5 minutes of research to find out.  While it may be a pain, it is doable to research what you consume.  I always expect what I eat or drink out to be LOADED with calories and sugar and all those other words since I’m not in control of what is going in.  This has actually taught me a really valuable lesson about research and responsibility.  Starbucks did what they were supposed to do, they openly posted how many calories are in their products, it’s my job to take that information and do something with it.  I’ve also learned from now on to order my Grande Coffee, black – unsweetened.  That is what the girl on the forum called it, she used to work at a Starbucks so I will take her word for it.  I will also ask the next time I go if it isn’t too packed. 
     I do believe that puts an end to my rant, half way though I solved my own problem.  Thank you Google and the internet. 
     Something else I want to address is hunger.  I know that I said that I drink water and wait for the hunger to subside but that doesn’t always seem to be the case.  I feel like I have legit been hungry since Monday.  Is it because I started working out?  Am I not eating enough?  What of?  I have been a vegetarian (who dabbles in veganism and pescatarianism) since April 2010 but haven’t always felt like I have had a full grasp on what to eat to get everything that I need.  I should probably get a for Dummies book or the equivalent website.  Actually I will…  that is part of one of my goals so there you go. 
     There is a quote taped to the monitor on the desk I'm sitting at today.  "Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light."  I dig.
Be well.  xoxo

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

day 4

     This morning again I woke up all kinds of sore and with even more " I dont wanna!!"  I knew though that I needed to make today really count as tomorrow is an off day for me.  With work from 9a-7p, a play with my husband and in-laws from 8-10 and possibly The Hunger Games at midnight, I decided that tomorrow will make for a grand off day.  This does mean that I will work out while my father is in town this weekend to visit but I doubt he'll mind me getting my butt healthy. 
     I changed up my work out today which was much needed.  Today instead of Couch to 5K I did Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio and Last Minute Abs.  The first video is 30 minutes and makes me sweat like it is going out of style.  There is something really rewarding about sweating a ton after working out that makes you feel good, like you really accomplished something.  The other video was 5 minutes long and I was like "pssh, I got this."  That 5 minute video is my new addiction because it freaking kicked my ass!  It wasn't complicated but you could feel it, wooo!

     I have been drinking a ton of water over the past few days to stay hydrated and I have to say it isn't anywhere as touch as I thought.  Now when I feel "hungry" first I take a drink of water and wait a few minutes, if I'm still hungry then I eat.  If I'm not then I know I was actually a bit dehydrated.  Same goes for when I get a little nagging head ache, drink a glass of water and if in a few minutes the head ache isn't gone I will take some ibuprofen.  It's working out really well.

     Next up on the agenda is measurements - something else that never occurred to me (thank you Mo again for your wisdom.)  As you get in shape, weight can be a tricky subject as muscle weighs more than fat so another great way to track progress is to track your body measurements.  After some quick Googleing I found this picture/description:
  • Chest: Measure around the largest part of your chest.
  • Biceps: Measure midway between the top of your shoulder and elbow.
  • Waist: Measure at the narrowest point, approximately one inch above your belly button. No cheating! Don't pull in your belly or stick it out.
  • Hips: Measure your hips around the largest part of your buttocks with your heels together.
  • Thigh: Thighs are measured separately. Stand with your legs slightly apart. Measure your upper leg where the circumference is largest.

The sight directs that you use a fabric measuring tape and wear very thin or no clothes at all to take measurements and that you should not measure more than once a month as body changes can take 6 to 8 weeks for your body to change.  Ok.  I can do that.

My measurements are as follows: 
Chest: 47.5" - Biceps: 13.5" - Waist: 46.6" - Hips: 44.5"/47" - Thigh: 26.5"

You'll notice there are 2 measurements for my hips, let me 'splain.  The first number is around my hips, for sure, but unlike the average person I have something else there.  My stomach.  My stomach actually hangs over and creates a false size and a lot of hate and loathing on my part.  This is the biggest thing I want gone.  I wouldn't care if the rest of me stayed the same size as long as my stomach no longer hung.  Any who, the second measurement as I am sure you can guess by no is around my hips and the stomach that hangs over.  I also only measured my right bicep and my right thigh.    


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tilapia Wraps

Tilapia Wraps 

Perpetration: Few ingredients / > 30 minutes 
Taste: 4 out of 5 

This recipe is inspired by one that I saw on the Whole Foods website. 


  • Frozen Tilapia (mine was from TJ's) Three filets about as long as my hand 
  • 2 Peppers (I used a yellow and orange) 
  • Handful of Cherry Tomatoes 
  • Avocado 
  • Whole Wheat Tortilla Wraps 
  • Oil (about a teaspoon) 
  • 1 tsp. Cayenne Powder 
  • 1 tsp. Cumin 
  • 1 tsp. Sea Salt 
  • 1 tsp. Ground Pepper 
  • Lime 

Chop thawed tilapia into about 1 inch chunks.  

Julienne peppers, cut tomatoes in half - place aside.  
Mix Cayenne, Cumin, Sea Salt & Ground Pepper in a medium bowl.
Chop up the avocado & set aside.
Warm a pan on medium heat.  Add oil.
Add tilapia to bowl with spices and toss until all pieces are really coated.
Throw tilapia in the pan and break into smaller pieces as it cooks and flakes.  
Now you're all set to assemble your yummy wraps, squeeze on lime to add more zest.

As with most recipes, it's all about your taste, this is just how I made it.  I didn't actually measure the spices, I just eye balled it.  
My husband and I each had 2 wraps and were satisfied.  There are enough leftovers for one more over stuffed wrap or two small ones.

If you try this recipe or it inspires you to create 
one of your own, please leave a comment.    


day 3

     This morning I woke up with a whole lot of "I don't want to" and "you can't make me."  I got to wake up late today since I didn't have to work, I'm a temp so my schedule can be kind of all over the place.  It really took something today and get out there to work out.  I did a whole lot of nothing, watched a movie and didn't get my but out the door until close to three, whining (to myself) the whole way.  

     I took a new route today, still trying to find something that works for me.  In my neighborhood there isn't really any place to run uninterrupted.  There are a bunch of people out and about and I have to cross the street a ton of times which gets frustrating.  I do have to say though that while out on just the regular street, passing people having trouble just walking or with fat hanging off them in icky ways can be just the motivation you need to keep going.  

     That being said I had next to no umph in my work out today.  I jogged 2 of the times fully and the third just shy of time.  Other than that I just walked.  I went 1.9 miles at a pace of 15:44 minutes/mile.  It sucks because I know that getting out and doing even a little something is better than not doing anything, but I feel like I wimped out.  Tomorrow I will push harder.  

     So yesterday I talked about goals, what I hadn't considered though was reward.  How am I going to reward myself for all the work that I have done?  This thought hadn't even crossed my mind, but it was brought up to me today and I really didn't know where to go with it.  I have a big goal for three months from now but what about every month leading up to then?  Am I really worth the reward?  There are tons of things that I would like but what would I really consider reward for working out?  For now I am going with a Mani/Pedi.  I would really love new work out shoes and clothes, one of those iPhone armbands so I don't have to keep my phone in a Ziploc bag in my bra while I run.  So those are also options.

     I ate really well today too, I am going to put a separate post for what I made for dinner tonight, it turned out quite yummy.  

     My feet are sore and I ache just about everywhere, but over all I feel good.  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Working towards goals

Day 2 of 30 Days of Blogging

     Let me get you up to date on my workin out schedule. I am doing the Couch to 5k program. I just completed the first week but have opted to do the Week 1 train again. 

When I started: 
Week 1 Day 1: I only barely made it to the end of the 30 minutes. I didn't jog all the times I was supposed to. 
Week 1 Day 2: I still only jogged some of the time that I was supposed to but I felt way better than the first go round. 
Week 1 Day 3: I am a rock star. I jogged all my jogs and I felt incredible. So incredible, I cried and called my mom when I was done. 

     Today was Week 1 Day 1 part 2. The plan (alternating 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes with 5 minutes of walking on either end)still winds me so I am building myself up. Tomorrow I am taking on doing the next day. That's right 2 days of exercise in a row! ::gasp:: I have a goal to reach and gosh darn, I am going to make it. 

Ah yes! Goals: 
My goals are: 
-Lose 15 lbs by June 15, 2012 (weighing in at 188lbs) 
-Have my Hemoglobin Alc below 5.6 by July 15, 2012 (no longer prediabetic) 
-Have my eating habits under control by May 1, 2012 (eating when hungry, not when not) 
-Be in a size XL (14/16) by August 31, 2012 -Be working out 5 days a week for no less than 30 minutes a day by May 1, 2012 

That's all for today.


I've weighed in, taken "before" pictures and now comes the blog.  

I started the Couch to 5k plan on Tuesday March 13th. 
I went to the doc Thursday March 15th and got the word that I have prediabetes.
Friday March 6th I got my official starting weight: 204.3 lbs.  
Next I went....  wait...  I'm sorry... 204.3 lbs?  STFU!

I had no idea I was that far.  At only 4'11" that is what they call morbidly obese.  I always thought that that couldn't be me, that term was reserved for fatties carting themselves around in a Hoverround.  I've never seen myself as that big, mostly because I refuse to see myself.  I look in mirrors to make sure my hair isn't crazy and that I don't have on mismatched clothing and that is it.  I don't mind being in photos so long as you never show them to me.  When I see myself I would think "oh crap I look huge in that photo" or when getting dressed I would think "I'll wear my clothes like this so they can't see that I'm fat" as if a cardigan ever had such powers.  What I get now is that I don't look fat.  I am fat.  That is so freaking empowering to say, to acknowledge.  Now I can start getting unfat because I've gotten the ignoring it out of the way.  ::phew::

I don't expect this to all be rainbows and lollipops all the time.
This is so much more for me than any one else.

Every day for the next 30 days I will write in this blog.  Good, bad or ugly.

Welcome to 204 and losing it.