Friday, March 30, 2012

12 days in

     Today was the last day of week 1 of the Hip Hop Abs program (the 23 minute Ab Sculpt.)  It's going ok.  While I love the Cardio video itself, so far I'm not a big fan of the other videos.  They are more like other ways to do cardio then they are a well rounded work out.  What I am really interested in is more jogging time and strength/resistance training.  I have been on the look out at my local Salvation Army & Good Will for weights or bands but haven't found anything yet.  Let me know if you see anything or if you are looking to rid yourself of your old weights.  Seriously, I will take 2lb weights off your hands or bands or a balance ball.  

     Tomorrow is my off day but I think I may jog, start up again with Couch to 5 K.  Sunday I weigh in again and I really don't know how that is going to go.  I still feel like my intake on food is off.  I did get a copy of Living Vegetarian for Dummies but haven't read it yet.  Also PAX is still a few days off so I am open for any other travel food tips anyone might have.  Other than that happy weekend! 


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