Saturday, March 24, 2012

13 minutes & pizza

     Today was a bit of a back track day for me.  I kinda binged at lunch because I let myself get too hungry and I didn't charge my phone at work so by the time I got home it was too dead to run with.  I then took a very long time to decide if I had time to do my video (Hip Hop Abs Cardio) before our guest came over. By the time I got around to it I got in 13 minutes before the boys came over.  THEN there was pizza.  I had 2 slices a mini veggie stromboli.  Did I mention that I cried about not finishing my work out and actually ate a piece of chocolate?  Who the hell am I?  I haven't been hit by hormones and bad planning like this in a long time.  Not to mention that this post is hella late.  


ok.  Tomorrow, I'm going to start fresh.  30 minutes of either Couch to 5 K or Cardio vid.  Conscience eating. Blogging before midnight.  Yikes.  Wow. 



  1. Don't worry about it. Tomorrow is another day. go get it girl!!!

  2. Holly's right. It's like my WW leader says "Don't let a LAPSE turn into a COLLAPSE.

    1. Thank you! I'm going to have to steal that one, I like it!

  3. Lol, we've all done it. Just laugh at yourself and try not to do it again. Baby steps!