Monday, March 26, 2012

Let's weigh in.

     I didn't get this post in before midnight, but it's all good.  I haven't gone to bed yet so it is still today so far as I can see it.

     Today I got in my 30 minute Cardio video after my husband and I came home from the movies (The Hunger Games) and it felt so good to get back to it.  I am sore but in a way I love.  

     So I had a weigh in today.  When I originally weighed in it was on the scale of a close friend that is also working out so I trusted the number that I got was accurate.  I myself do not own a scale (well, until tonight) because I have always been so scared to see what they say or that I would become addicted to it and, well, yea.  But today we decided that if I really want to track how I am doing a scale should be acquired and acquired it was.  First I tested it.  I gathered bags of dry beans that combined weighed 5 lbs.  and dropped those bad boys on the scale - it read 5 lbs. on the dot.  OK, my turn.  Can I tell you I got on and off the scale at least 6 times and called friend who's scale I originally weighed in on to check ITS accuracy because this number could in NO WAY be correct, it was too far.  She assured me that her scale was in fact accurate and that the weight was probably water, a super huge accomplishment and to not freak if I don't loose this much again or even put one or two of these pounds back on.  That is so ok by me.  At my weigh in I was down to 195.6 lbs.  That is a loss of 8.7 lbs.(was originally 204.3)  STFU. I about cried.  Like I so totally get that this will not be the norm, but hell, it is a great place to start.  I feel like I am so much closer now to my goal by being just past that 200 mark.  

     It is also time I said out loud (to the internet) my full weight loss goal.  My goal weight is 130 which is a total of 74 pounds down from my original weight.  I'm gonna get one of those tracker things I have seen on other blogs.  I also created a spreadsheet to track my weight.  

     Something else I want to mention because I am sure that in the big picture it matters, yesterday began my lady time of the month happiness time. Yippee.   Ya know?  I figured that was worth recording.  Let's see if all this exercise will put a dent in the lovely cramps that I enjoy sporadically thought this week.  I really hope it does.  

     Bed awaits me.  Yayy!!  xoxo

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