Tuesday, March 27, 2012


In about 9 days my husband and I are setting off on yet another one of our adventures. This time we are headed to Boston for PAX, a gaming convention. PAX is three full days of playing games, learning games, talking about games and the gaming culture. It was some of the most fun I ever had in 3 days last year. My concern though is about food. Last year I didn't care much about my food. I ate as healthy was possible with out really trying. You know? This year I am way more conscience about food and was wondering of anyone out there has some easy ideas. We are in a hotel this year (last year we stayed in a hostel) so the quality of the room will be higher but I'm not sure if there is a mini fridge. I know there is a fitness center which is great, I will be on my feet just about the whole time I am there but getting a half hour walk/jog will ensure I feel accomplished.

Back to the food situation. I don't mind carrying a few things but I don't want to have like a huge thing of food that I have to take on the 4 hour bus ride. I thinking some Atkins Shakes & bars since they are filling and seriously curb hunger when you have them together. There is a "food court" there but they don't have too much to pick from (I have to say though that I was impressed with the vegetarian options that were available.)

What do you think? Any tips, tricks, or creative ideas? I may compile all the info I collect and post it because I can only imagine that we all run into this quite often. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :)

My work out today was day 3 of Hip Hop Abs. The Ab Sculpt vid. Wow. Um. It's 23 minutes long and kicked my ass (and my abs and my legs and my arms.) While is under the 30minutes I want to do a day, I promise it backs just as much punch. I considered doing the 5 minute Last Minute Abs but there is a good chance I would have just stood there and watched the video I was so achy already, lol.

This entry was typed in the Blogger app on my iPhone. It doesn't have as many options as the full site but you can't beat typing a post while riding the subway. When I get home today I'll add labels and stuff. Ooooh! Did you see the LilySlim ticker I added? Love.


  1. Nuts- prepackaged servings of them. Protein bars. Fruit leather. A re-fillable water bottle (preferable with a built in filter).

    They're all small, easy, filling things that tide you over well when there's no other options. And the water bottle is an always, but especially anywhere where soda is a danger, lol.

    No matter how sketchy you food options are you can almost always find a salad bar or an apple.

    Good luck, and have funnn!

    1. Thanks! Definitely need to remember the water bottle, last year we were constantly running around looking for the water fountain. I'll measure out nuts in baggies too! Now talk to me about fruit leather, are they super sugary?