Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where'd these 85 calories come from? ::shrugs::

     With my day off from working out today I really didn’t know what I was going to write about.  I was achy and cranky when I got up today but that isn’t anything new.  After tooling around on the internetz at work for my own personal gain my topic came to me. 
     So I went to the Starbucks website to check on the nutritional info of my fave drink – Grande Iced Coffee, black.  So I am scrolling through expecting to see that it has a few, I mean it isn’t water.  What did I find but that it is 90 calories for one serving (which in this case, thank you, is actually the size of what I’m consuming) 16 ounces.  Oh.  Ok.  As I continued to read I saw that a Grande Pike Place, black was 5 calories for 16 ounces.  I’m sorry?  Where the f*ck did those other 85 calories come from??  I turned to Google.  Turns out that Iced Coffees come with “Classic” syrup and that is where the calories come from, it is a liquid sweetener.  As I read though the forum posts and all the nasty things that people had to say about Starbucks just doing this to them, it was easy to also get up in arms but then I took a step back.  This all took me less than 5 minutes of research to find out.  While it may be a pain, it is doable to research what you consume.  I always expect what I eat or drink out to be LOADED with calories and sugar and all those other words since I’m not in control of what is going in.  This has actually taught me a really valuable lesson about research and responsibility.  Starbucks did what they were supposed to do, they openly posted how many calories are in their products, it’s my job to take that information and do something with it.  I’ve also learned from now on to order my Grande Coffee, black – unsweetened.  That is what the girl on the forum called it, she used to work at a Starbucks so I will take her word for it.  I will also ask the next time I go if it isn’t too packed. 
     I do believe that puts an end to my rant, half way though I solved my own problem.  Thank you Google and the internet. 
     Something else I want to address is hunger.  I know that I said that I drink water and wait for the hunger to subside but that doesn’t always seem to be the case.  I feel like I have legit been hungry since Monday.  Is it because I started working out?  Am I not eating enough?  What of?  I have been a vegetarian (who dabbles in veganism and pescatarianism) since April 2010 but haven’t always felt like I have had a full grasp on what to eat to get everything that I need.  I should probably get a for Dummies book or the equivalent website.  Actually I will…  that is part of one of my goals so there you go. 
     There is a quote taped to the monitor on the desk I'm sitting at today.  "Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light."  I dig.
Be well.  xoxo

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  1. I drink my coffee black too!! I have gotten used to it and it saves so many calories!!