Thursday, April 5, 2012

1st night in Boston

Today has been great. My energy has been through the roof and all over the place. I did my ab sculpt vid today and really went for it. I then spent some time screwing around on my new balance ball. That was hysterical. I think I need to watch the DVD that came with it or look some stuff up on YouTube because I was all over the place just trying to follow the instructions.

Tomorrow's plan is to be up and out early to make sure we get a spot on line for the Keynote. Now I haven't ever been one for getting myself up earllu enough to do the extra anything. I do everything I possibly can the night before so I can roll my ass outta bed and do what I set out to. Tomorrow I'm going to push myself to get into the Y to do a half hour of something before we have to be outta here. I'm shooting to get up and out at 7:00am. Work out and get back here to shower change and be ready for the shuttle 8:30am. Totally doable!


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