Friday, April 13, 2012

3.1 miles home

     Much shorter day today than yesterday.  Today I stood outside for only 5 1/2 hours instead of 6 ;)  Again a good solid day of work and seeing friends.  To mix things up even more today I walked home from work.  It is exactly 3.1 miles from where I was working to my front door.  Why is that awesome you ask?  Well, 3.1 miles is equal to 5k which is big for me this year.  So far I am registered for 1 5k that is coming up soon and will be registering for more.  

     The route that I walked takes me over the Brooklyn Bridge which has to be one of the coolest things to do ever.  It's crowded and there are tons of people who don't get the rules (#1 being stay out of the bike lane if you want to live) but the walk is just awesome.  It makes me so proud to be a New Yorker.  More importantly than all that is that I have done this walk before over the bridge and also from work all the way home but this time, it was easy.  I went the whole way unwinded and stopping only to not be hit by on coming traffic.  That is a total win where I can say hey - it wasn't this way before I started to take care of myself and yea, I like it.

     Last thing is I need to start to come up with some more goals for meeting mile stones.  I have one coming up soon for having been working out for a full month (pedicure!)  and want to come up with more to keep myself going.  Mo reminded me today that I need to reward myself for the little things too and to thank my body for all it's done.  Like giving myself a good foot rub with some lotion to reward and thank my body for the work it did on the walk today & standing all day at work too.  I did it.  I really do have to cherish this body, it's all I've got and so far it has done me good.  



  1. I hear ya on rewarding our bodies. This is the only one we've got, whether we love it or not, right? How about a cut & color, or a facial? Or some other kind of spa day?

    1. Pedicure is my drug of choice. I never get them done because I feel like why pamper, why indulge? But now I see it as really taking care of myself which for the first time is becoming priority.