Thursday, April 26, 2012

awful video

     To keep myself from getting bored beyond belief on the days that I am not jogging I try to mix up the videos that I watch.  I thought a fun practice would be to go to YouTube and just search for 30 minute workout videos.  Even if I didn't love them that would be ok, they would just be something different.  The vid I did today was a "Dorm Room Work Out" from Exercise TV.  Yikes, I could have punched the chick leading the video.  Even when I was a freshman in college could not have kept up with her (I also didn't have the type of room to work out that she assumed I had - Big Mama T can tell you all about that.) I did A LOT of modifying to keep up stay coordinated.  I think I'll go back to my Biggest Loser videos.

     Not much else to report.  Did a bunch of job applications on line today - those assessment tests you have to do take A MILLION YEARS AND I HATE THEM.  I will finish some more tomorrow and do more general searching.  My head cold is doing way way better, thanks to all those who sent well wishes.  

     Off to watch some more Community with N before bed.

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