Monday, April 9, 2012

Back in NYC

After another whirlwind day at PAX, N and I are back in NYC. I'm writing this on the local A train back to Brooklyn after our 3 1/2 hour bus ride from Boston. What an incredible extended weekend.

I did not work out today, though we stood from 5pm and didn't sit down again until we sat on the bus at 8:30 I didn't have a formal work out. In reflection over the past few days I made a few observation.

1) though I often doubt myself, I married the right man. We have so much fun together and he stops at nothing to ensure that I am having a good time and is also such a huge supporter/cheerleader to every thing I do.
2) On short trips like this I will be leaving the work out wear at home. While it felt amazing to get up and work out in Friday it was out of the question the other days. It was a physically and mentally demanding trip and that works in my book.
3) Making healthy choices doesn't always mean salads and veggies. This weekend it was about the lesser of all evils (the evils being convention center food) and listening to my body. Staying hydrated and asking the lady at the "Mex" booth to just throw the rice and beans and guacamole in a bowl and to not worry about the other terrifying looking stuff they had there. What's great is that I'm not deprived or left in the lurch since I'm just looking out for myself & being smart.
4) I handled PAX this year so much better this year than I did last year (physically & stamina) and I know that it's because of the work I have been doing lately. if this is how much better I feel after just a few short weeks I am thrilled at what is to come.

Ok. So I will weigh in first thing tomorrow and post those results separately from my regular post just so I am all caught up.

Thanks all for coming with me on this journey. It was like having all love and support with me even in Boston & I can't thank you enough for that.


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