Monday, April 9, 2012

day 22 - weigh in

193 pounds!
1.6 pounds down from last week
11.3 pounds total!


     What an incredible feeling to still be loosing.  I can't feel the weight coming off but I believe the scale and the way I've been feeling.  What I am super excited for are the ways that the shape and size of my body will begin to change.  I know that takes longer but I am so ok with that.  

     In 25 days I am doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run with a couple of girl friends of mine and I cannot wait.  I ordered one of their bracelets a while back and have been wearing it since it arrived.  I switch which te arm I have it on after each time I work out.  It is a great reminder of the goal that I am working towards and really helps keep me motivated.  This little bracelet has been keeping me on track and it shows!


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