Saturday, April 21, 2012

day 33

     Nothing to report today.  I made today a rest day after working another day on my feet the whole time. N and I went out with friends tonight which was great.  We hit Crocodile Bar down on 14th which is awesome but they specialize in 2 big things I am trying to avoid: beer & pizza.  I only had one beer but had two pizzas, they are those little like personal size ones.  At Crocodile (and Alligator - their sister bar in Brooklyn) when you buy a beer you get a ticket for a FREE PIZZA.  That was my dinner tonight so I'm gonna really push myself in my run tomorrow.

     I hadn't really considered drinking to much in this life style change until I saw how many calories were in a shot of Pinnacle Vodka (132 in "Whipped Cream" for every 50mL which is about 1.69 oz)  Bugh.  Calories in, Calories out.  And as for me right now, it's a total waste of calories to drink too much.  Having a nice blonde ale over conversation with friends was awesome but  don't know that I'll be going much beyond that for a while. 

    Tomorrow I'll be jogging and walking.  I'll also be spending time with family coming into town, we're going to see Jersey Boys :)


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