Wednesday, April 25, 2012

day 38

     I feel like I have been working out all day!  Today I cleaned out the closet in my bedroom.  As far as closets in NYC go, N & I have a pretty big one but lately it's felt like we don't have room for anything.  Well I took out everything I could reach, swept and covered 3 shelves in contact paper and repacked a couple of the plastic bins we have.  What I thought was going to be a simple closet cleaning turned into a mini face lift.  It looks great and I feel really goo about it.  Since I still haven't gotten work it feels good to get things done around the apartment.

     I did Couch to 5k today & started Week 2.  My time was slower and I didn't go as far as I have, but I jogged all my jogs which is always an accomplishment.  My head cold feels like it is on its way out but it isn't gone yet.  I feel much better today than I have the past few days.  

     Tonight is laundry night!  Woo!  No more stinky workout wear!  Double Woo!!


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  1. That's the key to losing weight, as I know from my skinny days. Stay on your feet all day and keep busy.