Friday, April 27, 2012

day 40

     Today has been a pretty good day except I don't think I ate very well. I didn't really eat enough today. I fell into the trap of I'm doing a thousand things and am not going to stop and eat which can be just as bad as sitting on my ass and eating all day. Today was running day which is a favorite of mine. I also got to be a bad ass again because the weather is still kind of chilly so I was out in my long sleeves and fleece hat. I'm such a bad ass.  

     Head cold is finally gone which is great. The weekend is upon us as well as my rest day!  I am taking my rest day tomorrow but hope to still be active. N & I have some crap to get out of our apartment and take to Good Will or Salvation Army so there will be at least a few trips up and down the stairs.  We may also hit the Container Store and Bed Bath & Beyond for somethings to jazz up our apartment.  

     Oh!  I added a photo page to the blog, click the link above to see what I've got.  :)

     Happy weekend!!

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