Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good day

I got my work out in early today which seemed to make all the difference in my day. I did both ab sculpt and cardio again today. Tomorrow I'm only scheduled to do the Ab Sculpt but I think I will do both since I don't know what my next three days are really going to look like. The plan is to get in at least a half an hour walk/jog on the treadmill in the hotel each day. I dunno how realistic that is though but I will be sure to report all that work I do or don't do.

At Marshall's today I picked up a balance ball for $12.99 and some wrist weights. The balance ball is awesome but the weights stink so I'm taking them back. I was so excited about the balance ball, I've been looking at them all over the place but they are usually $20 or more which isn't really my style. I inflated it (which was a work out all by itself) and messed around a bit. I can do crunches on it and it's so awesome! More like I'm awesome cuz I can do crunches!!

Sooo like I said tomorrow I'll do both tapes and maybe play some more on the balance ball then it is off to Boston for a weekend of game nerdery!

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