Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm sorry, that's what size?

     I hopped the train to Jersey and used a day pass at Mo's gym again and got in a good half an hour in the pool.  Lap swimming is just magic, I can't say enough.

    What I want to talk about today (more like rant about) today is plus size work out gear, the lack there of and the CRAZY prices and sizing scales assigned to what there is. I need a bit more of a heavy duty sports bra than your average runner as I currently wear a 40C.  Not too many sports bras floating around in the size category and when you do they are labeled a size 3X and cost upwards of $60.00.  WTF?!?  I am plus size and I soooo get that but what the hell dude.  I put on an XL or even  1X in athletic wear(and I mean the real stuff: Nike, Rebok, UnderArmor) and if I can even get it on I look like over stuffed sausage.  Not. Cool.  Myself and others like me need to feel just as safe and confident in work out wear as those that are already fit.  Do you know what can happen if you aren't wearing the right kind of sports bra for the activity that you are doing?  The Cooper's Ligaments that keep your ta-ta's looking fine can stretch and as we all know, they don't unstretch.  So what, since I'm over weight it is twice as hard to protect myself from that? It is infuriating.  So ideally I would have this sports bra or one like it, but in order to have two (so I don't have to wear that icky thing for days and days in a row) it would cost over ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.  

     I could go on about this FOR DAYS.  We as a society have a fat diet, obesity is rising at alarming rates and when we wise up and start to address deeper issues, take care of ourselves and start working out we either have to break the bank to out fit ourselves properly or suck it up and do something else.  Like me, I currently wear 2 sports bras to run, I hate it but for now it works.  URGH.   When are companies going to step up and address this BS?  

     OK, got that out of my system (for now.) 

     ;-)  xo

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