Thursday, April 12, 2012

long day

     It was a good day all around.  I worked today which is always a plus.  I was at the location I'd been at for five months and made some great friends and seeing them all is always a total pleasure.  

     For the first 6 hours of my 9 hour shift I stood and never sat, no chair to be had.  Just stood outside for 6 hours doing line management/crowed control.  While it isn't an actual work out it is added to my workout record (which you can click on the link above) because it takes something to stand that long, dammit.  Since I was super exhausted tonight I opted out of my usual cardio and did a 30 minute yoga routine that I found on YouTube.  Was it the best? No.  Did I do well? Nope. But I did the full 1/2 hour to the best of my ability and that is a win in my book. My mother is a certified yoga teacher and has taught me to not get caught up in doing the moves "perfectly" but to work on getting stronger and focus on breathing.  She's my total yoga hero (among many other hero titles she holds.)

    Mixing it up felt good and I got in some serious stretching which I totally need.  I'm up for any suggestions on favorite videos should you have them.  I have work again tomorrow but for a much shorter shift.  I'll probably stand for most the whole thing so here's hoping it's nice out.  


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