Monday, April 16, 2012


     Wow.  Talk about a day of reward, today was incredible.  Brunch, new sneakers, pedicure, games in the park, delicious cheap dinner and Community (my newest tv show love.)

     I balled my two rewards into one day today and it was worth it because other great things just started to pop up around the rewards.  
First was a shiny new pair of sneakers.  I went to REI and tried on a few pairs, the sales girl there was super helpful and she her self was relatively new to running so she had a good idea of what I was looking for.  After about three pairs in two sizes I found my loves.  They are Asics and I adore them.  The girl at the REI said I would know when I tried on the right ones and tha trying on more then one was god so I could compare and at first I really thought she was just saying that.  I put them on and they felt incredible.  I jogged a bit around the area and wow, just wow.  

     Later while we were in the park we saw this duo doing what looked like moves from Cirque and it was inspiring to me.  In them both I saw no difference between me and them save for A LOT of practice & training.  They were pretty awesome.

     Before dinner and heading back to Brooklyn I treated myself to a pedicure.  Magic. 


     Today was my rest day but I was still pretty active all day.  Good times.  


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