Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another day

Today I did not work out but I did survive work much better thanks to a lot of ibuprofen.

Tomorrow I hope to come home from work and run. Though I will not make my 5 day goal this week I am still going to keep going. I am afraid of putting on weight again this week. It's so scary how quickly the weight can be put back on. No wonder I though I was putting on weight so quickly, I was.

Eating so shitty this past weekend seemed to really throw me into a tail spin. That combined with starting a new job, an unexpected weight gain and in turn hating said job I've been like some messy creature that despises everything around itself. I really am not fond. As I move though this last part of this week and I regain control on my eating I am starting to experience myself again as capable and strong.

I will also be sticking with my job. I am making good money and that can't hurt right now. I plan on saving more and spending less to really make the extra money count. Perhaps I will put my overtime pay right into my savings account. We'll see. I'm giving it until my vacation in LBI. If I cannot do it anymore by then, then I won't return from that vacation (one of the benefits of being a temp. ).

Ok. Gotta run before my phone dies.


Thanks to those who continue to read through my many phases and moods.

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