Saturday, May 19, 2012


     My mood today was a pain.  I'm in the middle of my time of the month and as I have spoken to before, I can go through many levels and moods, etc.  Today I was complainy and tired and mean.  Beautiful.  Right?  I'm sure I'm just a total peach to be around.  
That being said, I recognized it and dealt with it so I could go on with my day. Today ended up being quite productive.  N & I got some errands done and picked some things up from our local hardware store, Pinchik, and also at Target.  We got all new stuff for our bathroom, some frames and cleaning supplies.  

     Cleaning up is a lot like working out.  You say you never want to do it but the high you get from it is insane (and I don't just mean from the fumes.)  Our bathroom is SPOTLESS, our living room is tidy and you could lick my stove should you want to.   We hung some new pictures and it's almost like a slow process into a new living space just as I'm moving into having something like a "new" body and clearer mind.  Anywho, that's how I feel.  

          My run today was lack luster.  I pushed really hard in the beginning and then was too wobbly to run the last bits so I just walked.  Still got my 30 minutes in thought and that is always the important part, not how I feel about it, I always have to remind my self of that. 

     Weigh in tomorrow!!


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