Wednesday, May 2, 2012

day 45

     Wow did my run kick my behind today.  The intervals of walking and jogging were way different from what they have been before, I took a different route (so I would end up at the bank to deposit some monies) and I feel like I found a decent portion of the hills in Brooklyn Heights.  

     My legs are sore so I need to make sure that I stretch tonight.  Last night I spoke to my Mother In Law on the phone about running (her and my FIL are both runners) and stretching and some pains that I was having and she was really helpful.  The bummer is that both she and my FIL think the pain in my left foot may be plantar fasciitis which just sucks.  It requires a long recovery time.  I have to call my insurance company to see if I have to have a referral from my primary care physician or if I can head straight to a podiatrist.  I really want to take care of this asap because if it means no running for a while I will be devastated and need to come up with another plan.

     I am heading out to Jersey tomorrow to see Mo and swim in the pool at her gym.  Always a good time.  In all my job hunting I have been applying to gyms in hope of gaining a free membership and a no excuses pass for working out.  Fingers crossed on that one. 

     3 days until the Dirty Girl Mud Run!!  Can't wait!

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