Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 64

Currently I'm on the D train on the way home from the Yankees v. Royals game. Yanks lost.

I did too today. I got a call from my staffing agency that I was no longer needed at my current position.
Honestly, I'm kind of happy, I hated my assignment. What I'm not happy with is the loss of the paycheck. Being employed has always been something I seem to battle with, while others have the same job for years I have a tendency to move around a lot. Regardless, it's always an adventure. Something else must be coming for me.

Today was a rest day. I'm really starting to feel it in my hands and arms from bouldering yesterday, a little in my back & neck too. Definitely a great work out. N & I are thinking about going at least once a month.

Night all.

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