Friday, May 4, 2012

missed & 47

      I totally missed yesterday, my bad.  I went to NJ and spent time in the pool there with Mo.  I also picked up some yarn at Michael's with the 25% coupon that my friend gave me ::nerd::

     Today I resisted running harder than I have in a long time.  Wednesday was a hard run for me.  I felt kind of crappy after it.  Today took a lot to get out.  I texted N back and forth for a while.  He's such an awesome support, but in the end I made the choice to lace up and go out.  I wasn't expecting to make good time today and thought I may have pushed to hard.  Woo.  I was so freaking trilled when I saw my time/distance.  I was sweating like a fiend, it was nuts.  

     I am capable of so much more then I ever imagined.     

     I surprise my self every day.  

     Every day I get stronger.

     Tomorrow at 1pm begins my wave for the Dirty Girl Mud Run.  

     5k AND 11 obstacles - water pit - hanging tire traverse - hay bale climb - tire weave - tire high step - wall climb - tunnel crawl - cargo net climb - mud hill scale & decent - fence jump - mud crawl - finish line.  

     I cannot wait to shock myself tomorrow.



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  1. Your going to rock... Kudos to you for taking back your life with health and nutrition..