Sunday, May 6, 2012

muddy muddy

     Yesterday was my Dirty Girl Mud Run and it was just too awesome for words.  Everything worked just like it was supposed to and some things worked out better than expected.  

     My team was lucky enough to be able to all start together and we stayed together thought the run.  The obstacles were challenging and so much fun.  At first we weren't too muddy and couldn't figure out why some people were covered head to toe.  After we reached a certain point though we totally understood and were tackling one another and throwing the run around.  We all got a bit scraped up from different obstacles and from just generally falling down but nothing major, just scrapes and well earned bruises.  We couldn't stop smiling, I just about cried crossing the finish line I was so happy and freaking proud of my self.  My favorite was being at the top of the cargo net thing that I posted a picture of in yesterday's post.  It was so awesome.  I mean it was all incredible.  The whole course took us about an hour thirty to complete which was awesome.  The whole team has expessed their interest in coming back and participating again next year - I cannot wait.

     Today was a rest day for me, well earned I think.  

     I'll do this week's weigh-in in the am tomorrow.


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