Monday, May 14, 2012


     A plan can make all the difference.  "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail" as the old proverb goes.  A plan can be as elaborate or as simple as you want.  You're the one making this plan, and it doesn't matter two freaking fracks what anyone else thinks of it.
     My plan is to loose at least 10lbs. every ten weeks until I hit 130lbs total.  I weigh my self weekly, on Sundays, to make sure I'm on track for that.  I built in wiggle room for those weeks were I may not loose as much or even gain.  I am a natural planner, a control freak.  It's one of the biggest things that kept me from trying to lose weight for all those years I was just packing on the pounds.  I couldn't control it, I couldn't have an outline and know how the process was going to go each step as I moved thought.  

     Wow.  I can really make myself crazy with that sometimes.  I have been known to not leave the house because N doesn't know where he wants to take me for dinner, no joke.  I need to "know" about how long until we are there, are we drinking tonight?, is there going to be something on the menu for me?, oh! can we sit outside?! Because like whoa, what happens if I get hungry before dinner, should I have a snack before we go? Do I need to be wearing something nicer than this?  OMG It's exhausting, and with patience, I can be talked out of it.

     I had to give up a lot of my crazy to loose the weight I have.  I had to relearn the way that I relate to planning.  I can set myself up for so much more success by giving myself guidelines (where I want to be by when) instead of first do A, then do B, jump over C and land on D.  Working out five days a week is so simple to follow, work out 5 days - don't for 2.  I get to pick which.  I can take 2 days off in a row or not.  I can be exhausted when I come home from work and go right to bed and not feel bad about not having worked out.  There are still a few days of wiggle room.

     I guess what I am really getting at more then planning is actually giving ourselves a break, I mean shit we aren't designed for this.  The only thing we as humans are designed to do is find shelter, eat and make babies.  We should really cut ourselves some slack on, well, everything else.  

**check out the above page tabs for measurements & photos as I did those today**

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