Tuesday, May 1, 2012

rest & big dreams

     I took today off and really did not need to.  I just had no get up and go what so ever.  With my up coming mud run this Saturday I only need two more days this week to make my goal of 5 days a week.
 Tomorrow is my running day which I always look forward to.  Today I looked up what it would take to join the New York Road Runners and what it takes to run the NYC Marathon.  Please don't think I am delusional but I think I want to one day.  What a fucking accomplishment that would be.  Aside from not being ready I am in ineligible for this year, but I could be eligible for the race in 2013 or 2014.  You have to run 9 qualifying races and volunteer at one.  For this year I hope to join Achilles International and do a portion of the race with someone that is disabled.  I am looking into other organisations that do the same, possibly with disabled war vets.  

     Once I have a job again and have some cash I plan to gift my self a membership to the New York Road Runners when I meet a goal.  Membership is only $40.00 for the year.  It would give me access to lots of awesome stuff, a big one being locker space to lock stuff up if I wanted to go run in Central Park.  Other awesome benefits are discounts on classes and entrance fees for races.

     Believe it or not I think this fat chick wants to run the NYC marathon before she dies.  
     One step at a time.  

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