Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a secret

     I had an ice cream sandwich today.  It was incredible.  
It was a million degrees at the PS today and a co-worker and I were cranky working in the basement when one of the security guards called down to us and threw us 2 jumbo ice cream sandwiches.  I ate that thing like I'd been starved for months.  Just wanted to come clean with that.  LOL.  When I did my work out today I was sure to push a little harder to make up for it.  :)

     So I went on a hunt after work today for pants that are lighter then what I have now. I went to my three "go to" stores: Target, Old Navy & Motherhood Maternity.  Yes, you read that last one correctly, it's a dirty secret of mine.  I'm not pregnant and I wear maternity clothes.  Often.  All of my work slacks are maternity, I have a pair of maternity shorts and a handful of tops.  They just plain fit better.  Personally I think all pants should be stretchy at the top, it is so fucking comfortable.  Thought it does make me feel like a cow that they are what I have turned to because I hate being fat, the way pants hurt across the band and that my legs and my stomach are sized like they are from 2 different bodies.  My legs fit in most larges, my hips, waist & stomach are a 2x.  Gross.  Clothes are so stupid.  I have shared this secret with only one or two people tops but I really wanted to come clean about it.  It is one of those things I keep to myself, just like I think if I stand a certain way other people cant see that I'm fat or I don't "look fat" until I'm in a picture.  

     Oh the things we tell ourselves.  

     Tomorrow after work I'm meeting up with a girlfriend of mine from college and we're going to do Zumba.  I'm excited to have a work out buddy, catch up with an old friend and to get in another hour work out.  

     Woo!  4 days until the Avon 5k!!

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  1. You're not the only one who wears maternity clothes! When I started my journey, that is all that would fit, the maternity tops I had from when I was pregnant. So I can totally relate.