Tuesday, May 15, 2012

to sleep...

First off today's work out was AWESOME. I did Couch to 5k Week 4 Day 1. My longest jog so far, 5 minutes! And twice in this work out. I cried, which I tend to do when I run but man, is it a good cry.

When I first got back to the apartment I was a regular ball of energy, moving all over, talking up a storm. I sat down to eat and was still going full force but after a while I could feel all my muscles getting tight and my energy fading. I was getting real tired. I mean tired like I did a lot not tired like I'm bored and I don't wanna. Problem being I still have a bunch to do, clean up dinner, clothes & lunch for tomorrow and write in my blog.

I thought that sleep would come easier the more I worked out and pushed myself. I have found the opposite to be true. While I have been no stranger to sleeping like the dead, I also find my self waking up quite frequently through the night. 

When I was in college I was diagnosed with insomnia and I tried a few prescribed sleep aids finally landing on an anti anxiety (who me?) with a strong side effect for knocking you the hell out. It was great, save for the fact that in addition to sleeping magically, I had a tendency to lose the last 15-20 minted before I went to bed every night.  Yea, that was awful.  After some time of that I gave it up and went back to sleepless nights and worked on other natural ways to get to sleep like no TV before bed, no doing ANYTHING in bed other then sleeping, no coffee after 2pm, etc. 

Recently I've seen a lot of articles linking obesity and insomnia.  Man, I could probably been a case in one of those studies.  In college and my first few years in NYC I really never slept.  It wasn't until I starting seeing N that I started to sleep regularly.  You may think I am being cheesy, but it's true.  I feel safer and clamer when getting into bed and that helps a lot.  

While sleep is such a natural thing, I still feel like I haven't mastered it.  I don't just fall right to sleep like so many people I know.  I have a decompression time when I get into bed, that if I'm not careful can last through the night.  Since starting my new gig at DY I have been on a pretty regular going to bed and getting up schedule, but I wouldn't call it a sleep schedule.  I find myself working on it like to do a work out.  Some times I make it, sometimes I don't.  It's all a work in progress.  

Sleep tight all!


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