Saturday, June 9, 2012

7 of 30

     So I counted my days wrong.  Today was the 7th day of 30 Day Shred.  Yikes.  
Today was the hardest day yet.  My legs were so having none of the jumping jacks and I did the front lunges/bicep curls in the door way so I wouldn't loose my balance.  

     Tomorrow morning is my weigh in.  I'm pretty excited!  I haven't worked out this many days in a row ever, so I'd like to see what that does.

     OK - so girl rant! Today I went to Intimacy and got fitted in a new bra.  OMG.  So I had been wearing a a 42C.  New bra?  38E.  If you are a lady and live anywhere near one of there stores you MUST GO and be fitted.  Their bras a very pricey but they are incredible quality.  The whole process is very hands on so just be ready for that.  The women that work there are so professional and so helpful.  Stop reading this blog and go.  ;-)

     Well, I'm watching Buffy tonight with my mom and my husband.  Such a nerdy family.  Love. It.



  1. Great job on your 30DS challenge! The scale didn't really move a whole lot when I did it, but I could physically see the change in my body which was just as rewarding and my clothes fit better. Good luck with WI!

    1. Thanks! I do measurements tomorrow and I am excited to see the changes. Thank you thank you again for the recommendation.