Sunday, June 3, 2012

Avon 5k!

     That's me!  Crossing the finish line of my first 5k!
 I believe I finished at about 50:20 but I'll get the official results some time tomorrow once they are posted.  

     I have to say this was one hell of an experience.  I ran, jogged, walked, laughed, cried, smiled, scowled, sang to myself, talked to myself...  it was really quite the ride.  I talked myself out of wanting to run the NY Marathon a handful of times but talked my self back into it a handful plus one times.

     Remembering that I have been at this for just over 2 months was SO HARD.  Why can't I jog for longer? Why are all these people passing me?  Um because 70 some days ago I was someone who didn't give a shit about running or health or really much of anything.  

     I'm sure I will talk about my experience more though the week.  

     Tomorrow is weigh in and I'm not feeling to optimistic about a loss but we shall see. 

     I'd also like to give a big shout out to Mo (my lovely mother) and Sz (a bestie of her's) for copleting the race today too.  They came in together at about the 58 minute mark.  So proud of them for registering, starting and finishing this 5k - it's all about the steps forward, thank you both for reminding me of that.  


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  1. That's awesome! You did a great job, don't worry if other people pass you, you still completed a 5K!