Saturday, June 16, 2012

Awesome Saturday

     Today is one of those nice full weekend days that you always wish for.  N and I started our day at 10:30am at SPY: The Exhibit at the Discovery Center in Times Square.  
Everything there was so cool and very interesting.  The best part?  You could navigate your way though a LASER MAZE.  You read that correctly.  You went into a room that was pitch black, they pumped in some fog and turned on green lasers.  You had 20 seconds to get thought the room with out hitting the lasers.  You could hit up to 3 before you were disqualified.  N and I each went though twice, he has the rug burns on his knees to prove it.  Here is a shot of us:

     We walked from 44th and 8th Ave up 8th Ave and 56th where we had a really great lunch of Mediterranean salads.  We walked though Central Park, watched and inning of soft ball then headed south to catch a train to Canal Street.  N bought new sun glasses and I got a new stud for my tragus piercing.  I adore it.  I've had the same hoop in since it was pierced in 2002.  Here is a shot, isn't it cute? 
     It's just that little sparkle below the birth mark.  My 2nd holes are also newly gauged to a 16.  Love.  Fun fact:  I have 16 piercings.  9 in my left ear, 5 in my right, my nose and my tongue.  Most were pierced before I was even out of high school.  My nose was done my sophomore year of college.  

     Anywho.  N and I made our way back home were we ate and relaxed.  I did Level 2 Shred today with weights and it was like a whole new work out.  To stretch myself out a little better I did the yoga portion from the end of The Biggest Loser Cardio Max video, it's about 8 minutes long and exactly what I needed.  

     N is gonna Google Hangout with his bestie and play the card game N created and I am going to relax with some Rizzoli & Isles.  

     Weigh in is tomorrow.  While I have been busting my bum I don't expect a big drop with my TOM hanging around.  It's all good though.

     Much love.

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