Sunday, June 24, 2012


     Great day at the beach today!  I got some color and a little burn.  It seem that SPF 30 is good for me except for my chest, there I will begin wearing SPF 50.  I had such an awesome weekend down the shore.  N and I spent two GORGEOUS days on the beach with warm waters, cool breezes, sunshine and family. Mo was there both days as well as my uncle and aunt-to-be.  Mo's bestie Sz has a house just over a mile from Avon By The Sea and she let's us come visit any time.  She is the best!  This weekend she did some work with the Wounded Warrior Project  volunteering with Wounded Warriors and their families.  So AWESOME.  

     As promised here is a picture of me on the beach today!
     How great do I look?! 

     Today is the one year anniversary of my Grandma passing away.  She had a long battle with Alzheimer's/Dementia.  I mourned her quite a few times before she actually died, but that didn't make her passing any easier you know?  She was quite the lady, the total matriarch of the family.  She was the one that started everyone going down the shore together so I can't think of a better way to have honored her.  I sat in my beach chair with my sun hat on and a sarong covering me from my shoulders to my toes and had some great moments with family and quite moments to myself remembering her.  Tell everyone you love that you love them.  Always.  Love you Gram. You're the best one.

     :deep breath:  OK.  I'm ok.  Today's work out was hard!!  lol.  This Level 3 is no joke.  I shouted a lot thought this one.  Well, I think that's it.  Weigh in tomorrow morning!!



  1. It was so awesome when you posted this pic on Facebook. My smile was enormous.

    1. AW! Thank you! It was a good feeling!