Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bitch! I did push ups!

     Who the hell cares about anything else?  On my last day of Level 1 I did 3 push ups in the 1st part of the circuit, 3 more in the second circuit and 4 when I was done and was like OMG N!!  I did push ups LOOOK!!  (then I just laid on the floor for a little while.)

     I also managed to knock out some actual crunches.  I have been doing standing crunches in fear o hurting the nerve in my back but today I just fucking went for it.  I did the regular crunches and the ones that are like right armpit toward left leg and left armpit toward right leg.  The reverse crunches and the bicycle ones are still out of the question.  I'm so ok with that though, I just did regular crunches in their place.

     So yea!  All done with Level 1!  What a knock out that was.  I'm 1/3 done with the 30 Day Shred!

     I gave Level 2 a watch today, I like to know what's coming.  What's awesome?  It's still just about a half hour long (from warm up though cool down.)  What's not so awesome but I'm ready for?  All the crazy shit in Level 2.  I'll speak more on that tomorrow once I have actually experienced it.  I keep thinking I want to knock the video out in the morning but I don't really know about that.  To be safe I would need to be working out by 7:45 to be sure I was done and hopping in the shower for 8:15.  Maybe it's doable.  Like I said, we'll see tomorrow.

     I want to give a quick shout out to a friend of mine that I met while working, we'll call her Jam.  She paid me such a compliment for my hard work and let me know that she reads all the time.  She was one of the first people I shared the link with before I started sharing it openly with others.  Thanks for reading Jam!

     Tomorrow is new picture and measurements day!!



  1. That. Is. Awesome! I know exactly how you feel, so amazing when you accomplish something you didn't think you could. Good luck on level 2, just wait til level 3, that one is a REAL bitch! But I know you can do it ;)