Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Color Run Reg!

    I am so freaking excited!  After stumbling across it on Pinterest about two or three months ago I have  finally registered for The Color Run!  I have been checking their website diligaently for updates and got the info I was looking for just the other day!  So freaking excited.  I also think my bestie V is going to be coming in for the weekend to run/walk it with me.  What could be better??  If you are in the area you should register and come out.  It's $50, which I know is steep, but I know is just going to be so much fun!!  I'm looking at you Liz, Kelly & Sjaan!!  

     Did my 4th day of Level 1 30 Day Shred.  Sweated like a fiened and am loving the endurance that I am building up.  Tomorrow N is going to a Yankee's game with his dad so I am going to walk the Brooklyn Bridge home which is a three mile walk and then I will do the Level 1 tape again.  Tomorrow I also have my blood work at 8am.  Next week I get the results to see if I met my goals!  I'll be cranky in the morning for a bit since I have to fasted since midnight tonight but that'll pass once I can eat some and have some coffee.  

     Well I'm gonna go catch some Doctor Who reruns with N.  Happiness is.


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