Monday, June 4, 2012

excuses & late night

     Normally I am a big hell no to working out too late at night but tonight I went for it.  Since I am working on the 30 Day Shred it requires that I do the work outs for 30 days straight.  Will I be able to do that?  Who the crap knows, but I didn't want to pitch it on the 2nd day because it was "too late."  

  Excuses are crazy are they.  I mean how often are they really legit and I mean legitimate reasons why you cannot or will not do something?  I find I use them most when I feel like I can't win, you know?  When I've said I'm tired and N says again "But you said you were going to work out today, that's your word" and I go all crazy face and am like"NO! It's too late!  I don't want to be up all night and then be crazy tired in the morning!"  All that really is underneath is I don't want to push myself, it's easier to just go to bed and blame it on wanting to sleep well.

     Today at work someone brought in coffee cake.  Coffee cake was never really a favorite of mine, too dry, but that isn't the point at all.  It smelled so good.  I really wanted a piece and I started to make up excuses as to why it would be ok that I had some.  Like really?  No, no coffee cake for you stupid.  The strange thing I did though was that when asked if I wanted any and responded with "No, thank you" that wasn't enough.  I was pressed and stared to make up excuses as to why I couldn't have it.  Oh, I don't really like it blah blah blah.  Why couldn't I just say that I can't really do the sugar as I'm working on not having diabetes.  Do you find yourself making excuses, in either direction?  It's so strange, why is it so hard to be straight about what you care about?

     Either way, I'm happy to say that I both worked out & did not have any of the yummy smelling coffee cake.

     But now it IS late and I need to start getting ready for tomorrow.  Love yous!!

     Oh! And real quick before I go, if you haven't been following Holly at 300 Pounds down you are just plain silly and you really need to go over and read he post today.  Bring tissues. Just sayin'.  



  1. I have internal battles like that too. Excuses as to why or why not. Do you know how hard it was to talk myself out of that free donut on National Donut Day? I mean, they were going to give me a donut and it wasn't going to cost me a cent! I was actually kind of freaking out a little. In my head I was like "It's just one donut, you work hard, you've been doing well, and it's FREE" And then the angel on my shoulder would chime in "ONE of their donuts is at least 10 PP! Do you know how much you could eat for 10 PP?" It was awful, but in the end I didn't get the donut and I felt much better than I would have if I had gotten the stupid thing.

  2. I will warn you about the 30 day shred. Baby yourself into it, don't go balls to the wall right off the bat. Granted, you've been working out for some time now, so you may not get as sore as I did. I had to stop for a week because my quads and hamstrings were so bad I had a hard time walking and sitting.
    But you know what you're doing. :)