Saturday, June 23, 2012

First of 3rd

Woof. This Level 3 business is nuts! It's like all plank work and crazy ab work. Whoa. Today I did my work out on the cement in the backyard of my Mo's friend's place. It was pretty great. We laid out 2 towels to put an old yoga mat down on and then another towel perpendicular to that in a T for all the modified plank I did. My phone was balanced on a shoe on a deck chair to play the vid. Man, I wish I'd taken a picture, lol. But for serious that work out is nuts.

N and I spent a beautiful day on the beach. The temperature was perfect (air & water) and the ocean was so calm. Love. What I am happy to report is that when I put my bathing suit on this morning it fit better. I've had this suit since last year, it's a Lands End halter two piece size 16. I adore it. The bottoms didn't roll down on me and the top didn't seem like it stretched so much over my stomach. Muy bueno.

Good day all around. I'll get a pic on the beach tomorrow.


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