Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lost & Found

With today's great loss also came a great find. I found the notebook that went missing about a month ago. It got tucked under some board games and then inside of a program book so even when I moved all that stuff before I hadn't seen it.
Whatever man, I am just so glad to have it back. I found that my next set of goals/milestones revolve around the doctors appointment I have this Thursday. They are: 1) be down at least 15lbs (which is an approximately 7% of my body weight) and 2) have hemoglobin alc. level below 5.6.

I don't know how to tell about my blood sugar level but I do know that the weight loss goal was met. I have been doing some reading about foods and their glycemic indexes and what that means in relation to your blood sugar levels. Once I have this appointment in Thursday I can get some more information on the direction I should be moving with that. I am so committed to not taking any medication to keep myself from disaster, I know it can all be accomplished with balanced diet and exercise.

Tonight N and I are heading up to have dinner with his dad & stepmom, both of whom I adore. Dinners with them always involve amazing food, delicious wine and great conversation. We get to see them quite a lot since they live on the Upper West Side.

I did Level 1 Shred again today. Only 2 more days til I kick up to level 2. Yikes! My train just got to 96th St so it's time to go. See you tomorrow!


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