Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Measurements Day!

     I began Level 2 of Shred today and it is a beast.  I don't have to modify as much as I did when I was beging Level 1 which is nice but it is still whipping my butt.  
I didn't work out in the am.  After dinner N and I went for a walk (about 2 miles) and then I did the vid.

     Today was measurement and picture day.  You can check out the measurements on the Body Stats link above.  I've lost quite a bit of me as far as mass goes.  Sorry I can't seem to link straight from here.  Today N also did a progress pic of me. Over the next few days I am going to work on a Picasa account that I will use to track my photos in since the page I had been using here became to hard to manage.  I will link to that as soon as it's ready.  

     Tomorrow is doctor day!  I'm excited and nervous to tell the doctor how I've done.  N keeps assuring me that Dr. K will be thrilled that I actually went out and made positive choices and turned things around.  While I know that is true part of me is still nervous.

     Wow.  21 pounds is really something else.



  1. so proud of you! you will ROCK your appointment tomorrow :) let's get together soon!

    1. Thanks Greta! Let's set something up for the coming week!

  2. You rock!! I'm very proud of you and all that you have achieved and are still achieving....your dr will be amazed!! Keep up the awesomeness!! xoxo