Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pain, pain go away

     Woof am I in some pain today.  My work out combined with the boxes I lifted yesterday seemed to have really done me in.  
I didn't have any pain during my work out but all day I've head this sort of dull pain though what I can only identify as my right clavicle.  I have been icing it on and off since I've been home and will probably take a little ibuprofen before I go to bed to keep the edge off.

     N and I have settled in for the night and are watching some Doctor Who.  Matt Smith ::adore::  Tonight we also found what may become a home away from home for us, a place called The Brooklyn Strategist.  If you hadn't already been informed, N and I nerds.  Each in our own way but nerds none the less.  We've been dying to find a place with board games that we can go, play and try new things and make some friends.  I'm excited.  

     Oh! I started to check out this old show from A&E called Heavy.  I think there was only one season of it last year.  Lucy mentioned it in a post of her's so I wanted to check it out and I enjoy it.  It's a 6 month journey in the lives of 2 people that are morbidly obese.  You can watch episodes for free on A&E's website so check them out if you can.  



  1. Hope you feel better soon! And I also love board games, I just don't have anyone to play with :(

    1. Thanks! We'll have to get together then!