Tuesday, June 5, 2012

seeking community

     I am really big on community.  Communities at work, home, for different hobbies, you know?  When I was planning my wedding I was a part of the Off Beat Empire at OffBeatBride.com, the community there is unmatched to anything I have ever been apart of.  No judgments,  just support, ideas, advice and a special area for venting.  I check back in with Off Beat Home and know that one day I will be an Off Beat Mama.  

     While I have found a mini community within the blog-o-nets I am looking for something a little more all encompassing.  I love that I have my few peeps that check in with me all the time, others that pop in once in a while and that there are others that read along quietly.  What I'm missing are forums, being able to read a ton and comment at ton to help others grow and to expand myself.  I have looked into Fitocracy (so hard to log a work out tape), sparkpeople, the forums at atkins, livestrong and thekinddiet but I haven't really found what it is that I am looking for.  I plan to keep up the search but was also wondering if any of you out there knew of some places.  You know I love me some recommendations.  

     Today I was the 3rd day of Level 1 in the 30 day shred.  I added 1 lb. weights (and by 1lb weights I mean a 1lb bag of shelled sunflower seeds and a 1lb bag of mixed dried beans) and whoa was that a game changer.  I can feel a slight difference in my endurance and thought my arms may fall off at the shoulders today.  Maybe after another day or two I'll add some more poundage.

     Last thing is sort of random.  I lost the notebook that I had been keeping all my notes about working out in.  I used it as a way to really spell out what my goals are and what my plan is for getting there, I have my rewards and 'by when' dates listed in it and I cannot for the life of me find it.  I know it exists someplace still, it isn't gone.  I have searched all over for it.  I know now that I need to transpose all that info into a Google Doc but there is something that makes it easier and clearer by putting pen to paper.  Anywhodle, while I don't expect any of you to actually find it, I was hoping you could all put some good locating juju out into the universe so that it is quickly recovered.  



  1. Yeah, my arms usually aren't too happy with me during Jillian workouts either. But I can tell you from experience you will look kick ass when it's over! Sorry about your notebook. I'm not an overly religious person, but whenever I lose something my inner Catholic comes out and I pray to St Anthony. That usually works, so I'll send a little prayer up there for you. Hope you find it!

  2. I like the forums on myfitnesspal.com I'm a read along quietly type person, but the message boards on that site often have great tips, support, and motivation.

    - Kathleen