Monday, June 25, 2012

that & this

     Woo!  What a week, man.  Had a little bit of everything in there, ups and downs and goods and bads.  Me gusta.  This week I payed a lot of attention to my food, how much I ate, how often and what it was.  I ate smaller lunches earlier in the day and drank tons more water.  I started taking metamucil regularly and I have to say I do really enjoy it and it's benefits.  I've eaten smaller portions at dinner mostly just because I'm fuller faster.  I dig.  

     So tomorrow has turned into quite the packed day.  I already knew that after work I would be going to a Yankees game with N using his Dad's tickets.  I don't know who they are playing but I don't particularly care, lol.  The addition tomorrow is so freaking cool.  I have vaguely talked before about a place that I temp at quite frequently, a place that is a memorial for a crappy thing that happened in NYC  and is referred to by the date that it happened...  Are you picking up what I'm putting it down?  What number would you call if there was an emergency?  Yep, that place.  Any who, the memorial is open and has been since the 10th Anniversary (which was this past year) but the museum has had some delays in opening.  Wellllll tomorrow the staff is going for another tour of the space as it is currently and I asked if I could go and my manager said yes!!  I am so freaking excited, it's a such and honor and total opportunity of a life time.  I will take tons of pictures, I promise, but I am so sorry that I won't be able to post them here.  Ask me some time and I will show them to ya!  But really, this has been a big part of my life even before I started working there I mean as a New Yorker it's hard to not live it every day.  What comes with that thought is that I am going for a big leap and setting my alarm for 6am.  I have to be at work for 7:45am to get everything started and then it's a loooong time before I will be home again.  So yea.  Going for a 6am start to my day.  I'm ready, BAM!

     That's all for tonight, space invaders.  ;)


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