Thursday, June 28, 2012


     Man, that Level 3 is something else!  I wanted to step up my game a bit this go round so I really pushed myself harder then I had been in some places.  
In the section where you need just one weight I held both of mine in one hand (don't forget, my weights are 2 1lb bags of beans, lol.)  I also noticed that I was doing the sit-ups faster then they do in the video, so that's cool.  There is also the part where you are in plank (modified plank for me) on your weights and you pull your right arm up, place it down, kick back with your right leg, put it down and then repeat on both sides - wanted something heavier so I used two bottles of wine.  No joke.  I'm so classy.  I Googled their weight and it is about 1.65lbs a bottle.  Hey man, that's more than 1lb!  

     At work today I helped bring in a shipment of books.  There were what seemed like 50 boxes, each weighing in at 30lbs.  There were 4 other people helping out but I still carried in my fair share.  Also, they have to go into the basement so they were coming in down a flight of stairs.  I went a little off balance a few times, but nothing too bad.  At first I was damn, I feel pretty good after that.  Then later after I'd been sitting down for a while and had to stand back up I felt it in my legs, lol.  We were all joking wel hey! now we can skip the gym today.  lol.  Not me.  I still rocked out my Level 3 Shred today.

     One of my supervisors today said to me, "You know how N was like you have to tell somebody at work about how much weight you've lost?" I nodded, and then she said "Well I'm glad you did!  Once I kick this cold I am going to try out that 30 Day Shred, you totally inspired me!"  I was dumbfounded. I mean other people have kind of said that to before but never that they were then actually going to workout.  That was really cool.  I was still kind of shy to talk about my motivation (you know, wanting to skip the whole type 2 diabetes thing) and while I do struggle, I am pretty hell bent on making my goal.  So yea.  I dig.

     Yippee!  Tomorrow is Friday.  No real plans for the weekend but Fridays are always nice.  



  1. That is so awesome that you have been sticking with it and stepping it up a bit, go you! It is tough to work out that many days in a row. Keep it up!

    1. You were my inspiration on this one, thank you!