Tuesday, June 26, 2012

what a day!

     What a day I have had!  To start with, I did it! I got up at 6:00am and worked out!  WHOA!!!
 I did my work out and then hopped into Manhattan for a tour of the 9/11 Museum which isn't open yet, let alone even complete.  It was incredible and so moving.  I stood on the original foundation of the Twin Towers, saw the Survivors' Staircase, the Slurry Wall and so much more.  I walked in places people won't be able to walk when the museum is open and saw things others will never see.  I am so lucky.  I've temped with them on and off since the anniversary last year and have had some of the most amazing experiences there.  I am currnetly folding shirts in the basement for the retail store, but I love it all the same.  You should visit.  If you haven't, you should.  It's something that every one needs to come to.  Go to the website & plan your visit. If you need help let me know, I working in reservations for quite a few months.

     After the tour was a regular day at work.  Folding folding folding.  My energy stayed pretty high.  After work was the Yankee's game with N using his dad's tickets.  It was such a beautiful night out.  The game was great too.  Go Yankees!  

   Ok, I need to get to bed. Lunch is made and clothes are out.  Sleep time for me!



  1. So proud of you for working out early, before a long day. That's something that I have NEVER been able to do.

    1. It was tough but totally worth it. :)