Wednesday, July 11, 2012

120 days in

     Another good day in the books.  I ate really well.  Followed my meal plan, even improvised dinner with the right amount of calories.
 Got my food all set up for tomorrow and got everything marked off on my daily check list.

    I think I have also unintentionally enrolled a good deal of people that I work with to do Insanity.  They all want to try it especially after me talking about it.  I also just found out that a gf of mine is about a week ahead of me in the program so we can buddy up even more.  We haven't seen much of each other since she's gotten to the city but she's been a big inspiration to me and I'm glad we've connected over getting in shape.  

     Man I really need to start blogging earlier again.  I am wiped out by this time of night, I cannot focus and it takes a hundred years to write one post.   

     Measurements & pictures in two days!  Coming up on 4 months!  So exciting!  

     OK, I have to go to bed.  Good night lovelies.



  1. How great to connect w/a gf over getting in shape. And congrats on coming up on 4months!