Thursday, July 12, 2012

121 and counting

     Fifth day of Insanity.  That Pure Cardio workout can just bite me.  It was hard to get though but I did make it.
 Tomorrow is the last day for this week and also measurements and pictures day.  Since I have someone sleeping in my living room N and I are going to have to improvise.  My lovely husband has agreed to wake up with me at 8:00am to get my measurements and take my picture so I'll be all set without bothering our guest.  He is just the best.  

     I got hungry today for the first time since I've been following the meal plan and I am not exactly sure where things went a miss.  I think I tried to wait too long between meals.  If I don't eat breakfast right on time things get a little off so I have to be careful.  I should have had my third meal of the day at 2:30 but by 5 after 2 I felt like I was STARVING so I took my lunch hour early.  It wasn't a problem.  

     My current temp assignment is ending tomorrow.  I will be calling into the agency tomorrow to see if they have anything available for me, which I really hope they do.  This is never a fun time.  On the plus side all my bills for this month are already paid.  

     I also secured my travel plans for going down the shore with my family.  My uncle will, in fact, be able to drive us down there.  Woo!  It may be a tight squeeze in the car but N and I will be just fine.  You don't need to pack much when you plan to do nothing but sit on the beach all day for a week.  

     That is all for this evening.  Got all my To Do's done today which is awesome.  Good day.  G'night!


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