Wednesday, July 18, 2012

126 & funky

     Today was really awesome, but despite that I can feel myself inside of a funk.
Nothing related to my work out specifically, just a general funk.  After dinner I got a headache and started to feel like poo.  I felt tired and weighed down, my mood turned sour.  I think it was the fish I had at dinner.  I also may not have eaten enough today.  I'm not entirely sure.

     All that aside, this morning I headed to up state manhattan to work out with G.  We chatted and did Plyometric Cardio Circuit together.  It was nice to have someone to joke with, not that we could really talk too much, lol.  It was nice to have someone to sit on the floor with after the work out that understands that right after you're done, your brain doesn't really work so hot so you need to just sit/lay on the floor for a while as everything catches up.  I really enjoyed my time there.  Our schedules won't line up again until the 2nd month so we'll just have to find other reasons to get together.

     Short post tonight.  Funk.  



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