Monday, July 9, 2012

1st day w/ meal plan

     Woo!  Second day of Insanity in the bag!  Today was the Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  As I am sure they will all be, this was nuts.  The craziest fact about the whole thing?  
I got up and worked out at 7am.  Like it was no big deal.  I rolled out of bed at 7 in the morning and did a 40 minute work out that kicked my ass.  I am super thankful that I started working out a few months ago so I wasn't coming to this program from nothing.  I am a little sore from the fit test yesterday, but not too bad.  I am doing exactly as the video says and taking a second when I need one, getting some water when I feel like I need it and not sacrificing form for speed.  

     I had some supper yummy food today on my first day of meal planning/tracking.  I started my day with an Atkins Shake and Bar, three hours later I had a cashew banana shake that was so freaking delicious and easy to make (not to mention only 300 calories), three hours later I had tuna fish with carrots & onions stuffed in a hollowed out tomato (a recipe from inside the Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide,) three hours later was greek yogurt and rasberries (I was losing steam by this point and only ate half) then dinner was Shrimp Tacos with Citrus Cabbage Slaw.  The meal plan did really work for me.  I felt like I was thinking about eating a lot since I really wanted to stick to the plan but I wasn't ever really hungry or over stuffed.  By the 5th meal though I had had enough of eating.  I even stopped myself from having a huge 2nd helping.  

Here are two quick pics of yumminess: 
Tuna in a tomato 
(loved this so much I made it for tomorrow too!)

Shrimp with Citrus Cabbage Slaw
(little of this left over for tomorrow too!)

     Real Simple had a bunch of great 300-400 calorie meals in their data bases, I couldn't use too many of them since most had meet but the few I pulled have been worth it so far.

     Tomorrow I will be working out right after work before going to dinner with two great friends that N and I haven't seen since our own wedding.  N bumped into them on the train not to long ago and now a date has been set.  We'll be eating at Maimonide Of Brooklyn or MOB which is a super fun vegan place about 4 blocks from our apartment.  

     In other news my boy DVW is crashing on my couch for the next week while he starts rehearsals for his Off Broadway show.  He got in today no problem, gave him a key and showed him the ropes.  He's looking for a sublet to take him though the end of August but it's goot to have him around for a little. 

     That's all for today!




  1. That's awesome! The workouts are never really a problem for me when I buy a workout program like that, it's always the food. I am so envious that you like such a variety of things. When I got my Firm Express and my Brazil Butt Lift, I took one look at the meal plans and was like "Yeah right, no effing way". I know that those plans are super healthy and even though I feel pretty good right now, I would feel better if I ate like that. I just don't. I'm not even going to say can't, because I could, I just won't.

    1. I totally get you. This is my first crack at this whole meal plan thing. I use Google a lot to find things that fit into the structure of the plan because I feel that some plans can be super restrictive. I think you are doing really well since you follow WW. Just think, there are tons of people who just mindlessly eat whatever they get their hands on. You are doing amazing.

  2. The tuna in a tomato looks super yummy! Food plans like this take lots of time and effort, but they are SOOO worth it. About 90% of the dinners we make are from Cooking Light recipes. We plan our meals for the week, shop on Sunday, and we're all set.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. It's been so worth it so far. I really love not having to think about what I am going to eat for the days since I already have it planned out. Nate and I shop close to the same way with ideas of what we want to have but I love having a plan!

  3. I HAVE to go buy cashews for that shake!LOL! That looks so yummy :)