Saturday, July 21, 2012

Charcoal for perspective

     Today N and I had a BBQ in Prospect Park and it was great.  
We had a few friends come out and it was just a perfect day.  It wan't until I got home that I realized I stood almost all day.  I was talking to people, grilling and just having a great time.  In the morning we were running around a lot because we realized we didn't really have anything that we needed.  It was fin and were in the park from 3pm until it was like pitch black out at like quarter after 9.  I loved it. 

     It was cool today to have people who haven't seen me in a while tell me that I look great and that they are proud of me for all the work I've done.  Oh!  So when N and I were leaving Target I was carring a 12.5lb back of charcoal and N was like "You know you've lost 2 of those? Actually more than 2 of those." And I was like wtf are you talking about?  He said "That's 12 and a half pounds, you used to carry more then double that with you all the time."  For the first time it really hit me.  It was all in perspective and started to cry in the Target.  Holy shit.  All of a sudden getting really present to the accomplishment and the weight that was really gone was more then my brain knew how to handle and I just cried.  It was so amazing.  OMG I cry at everything now, lol.  But yea, that was great and I thanked N so much for pointing that out to me.  He's the best.  

     Tomorrow is my 2nd fit test for Insanity & weigh in day, which works out great.  New measurements and pics too for Insanity but I'm not going to post those, I'm still keeping that seperate, but I'll let ya know if there are any big changes.  

     That's all for tonight!  



  1. Isn't it weird? Like you don't normally think about weight that you've lost like that. I remember when I hit the 40lb mark and one day my son asked me to pick him up and so I did. Then I had this moment of "OMG, I lost my entire 6 year old!" You're doing great, can't wait to see your WI results!

    1. It really is! What a great moment for you! Thanks!

  2. Barbara Kidd CalvanoJuly 22, 2012 at 9:31 AM