Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 131 - Weigh In

174.6 lbs.
-1.2 lbs from last week
-29.7 lbs total loss

   That's awesome!  
Wow, I am so close to the 30lb mark, wow.  I also did new pictures, measurements and took the Insanity fit test for the 2nd time.  My results were pretty nuts.  In 2 weeks I've lost a half inch from my waist and 3/4" from my hips, that is freaking progress!  Here's how I did on the fit test:

     After a lazy day at home N & I made plans with DVW and Alx to see Dark Knight Rises.  To counter balance how lazy we'd been all day we walked to the theater.  It was a 4 mile walk that took us over the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.  We cleared the bridge in a half an hour which was a feat in itself! We had a great walk and a great time with at the movies with friends.  

     My next weigh in will probably be this coming Saturday since I am leaving for vacation that day.  I am still working on a plan to stay on track while away for the week.  I'll have my workouts loaded on my iPad & phone and will make good eating choices!  It's going to be so awesome to be 30lbs lighter when I head down the shore!  AHHHH!!!  

     It's been a great week.  I made 100% for the whole week on my check list, I have a few work prospects on the horizon and a much needed lady doc appointment this week AND Saturday I leave for a week down the shore with my lovely husband and family!  Can't ask for more than that!