Thursday, July 26, 2012

day 135 - stronger every day

     Another great day in the books.  I worked out by 12:30 which was just perfect.  I ate later then I usually do in the morning but it worked out just fine.
 I got dressed in my work out clothes asap so I couldn't stall.  As soon as it had been long enough after I'd eaten I just dove into my work out.  I feel like I hit some kind of zen acceptance with my work out today because I rocked the Power Cardio & Resistance.  I finally stuck the landing on the power jumps which made them so much simpler and I managed quite a few more of all the wacky push ups in this work out.  It was like I was no kidding physically stronger than I was yesterday.  But man am I feeling it in my shoulders and around the base of my neck, woo!

     The rest of my day was full of laundry and packing for our coming vacation and also hang out with Alx.  He made the trip out to Brooklyn so we went to dinner at the Cubana Cafe and then went to The Brooklyn Strategist for some gaming.  N and I have done some more packing tonight and will finish that up tomorrow.  My uncle is going to swing by tomorrow to pick up the bulk of our stuff so on Saturday Morning N & I will only have to get in the car with a few things.  

     Tomorrow I am also running to pick up and deposit a paycheck that didn't come (thank goodness I called to get it taken care of) and hopefully have lunch with DVW before I'm out of town for a week.  I'd also like to try a flip flop tutorial I saw on Pinterest, but as always, I'll post if I actually work it out.  



  1. That is awesome! I really can't tell you how inspiring it is that you're doing Insanity. Seriously, that still scares me, lol. Also, I would really love it if you could help me with the veg recipes! That's a great idea you had for me =)

    1. Thank you so much! We'll talk soon and I'll give you some of my faves. :)